Maximus Auto Detailing Testimonial
I had always considered getting my car detailed but couldn’t really justify it. After surviving 8 years, 140,000+ miles, and several cross-country road trips with me, it was time. Maximus Auto Detailing was recommended by a family friend who regularly gets his big-money vehicles detailed here. Setting up an appointment was quick and painless.... Not only did they clean the inside- they cleaned the outside too. My car actually looks brand new. I am so impressed with the work these guys have done.... I VERY highly recommend Maximus Auto Detailing.
— Li S.

Maximus Auto Detailing Testimonials
I brought my vehicle to Maximus about a week ago for interior detailing. Although it’s a vehicle we just got at the beginning of the year, we’ve been pretty rough in the interior with two young kids and road trips. Although you should really book an appointment in advance, the owner of the shop agreed to take a look and try to squeeze me in the day I called him. I dropped it off around 9am and it was ready by 5pm. They did an amazing job and the car looks new again. They were extremely friendly and helpful. I’ll definitely be using them again in the future.
— Dominic M.

Maximus Auto Detailing Testimonial
Wow...all I can say is wow! Guillermo transformed my Jeep from a trashed car that got both my brother and I and our friends through high school and college into a like new vehicle. The work he did was extraordinary! I’m almost embarrassed to admit what bad condition my car was in. The most noticeable flaws were several VERY set-in coffee and drink stains on the passenger side seat. One in particular was acquired, years ago, before an early morning flight and couldn’t be cleaned up for about a week. I, personally, worked on the stain several different times without making any progress. After taking the car to Maximus, the seat is like new.
— Emily E.